(1949 - 2013)

Pierre Moret

Compositeur - Composer

Choir conductor

In 2004, Pierre Moret got the opportunity

to become a choir conductor in Brittany.

The "Chorale de la Vallée", in Châteauneuf-du-Faou, was looking for a conductor; everything started there...
The following year, the choir "La Croche Choeur", in Taulé, near Morlaix, followed.
In 2006, the choir Mouez Bro Landi, orphan of its conductor, Fernand Corbillon, chose Pierre Moret as his successor.
Then in 2008, the "Kanerien Sant Karanteg" choir, from Carantec, was looking for a new conductor to succeed Thierry Bara.



In each choir, Pierre Moret develops a large diversity in the choice of programs

His job of composer and arranger allows him to realize harmonizations of populars songs, in french as well as in breton, and to compose original works on texts in both languages.


Pieces for soloists

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