(1949 - 2013)

Pierre Moret

Compositeur - Composer


September 2012

First performance of «Quatuor à cordes» (String Quartet) by «Quatuor de l’Aulne» (Brittany – France)


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October 2012

Composition of a « One act opera »

        Lyrics and music : Pierre Moret
        for soprano, barytone, female choir

(2 sopranos, 1 mezzo-soprano), piano

« Les Chants Parlés de la Dune et du Vent »


This Cantata, composed after a poem by Jean-Paul Kermarrec for mezzo-soprano, mixed choir and french horn quartet, was created in November 2009  in Brest.

Geneviève Page, soprano
Agnès Brosset, mezzo-soprano
Kanerien Sant-Karanteg Choir

French horn quartet of Brittany : P.Y. Courtis, P.L. Ducreux, R. Ferrand, Y. Kersivien






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